We're Agile!

Happy developers working with happy customers

About us

We are great developers working from Spain!

We’re Agile! is a new company in Playa San Juan de Alicante, Spain. Our developers are experienced programmers with experience in many different technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Python and related frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, jQuery, ExtJS and Django.

Our Values

MISSION: To make the world a happier place.

VISION: Our vision is to achieve our mission above by starting with the people that we are in touch with daily, our customers and our developers.

We aim to do so by using Agile/Scrum techniques to deliver value to our customers in a transparent way where expectations all around are being met, which also allows developers to work in a pleasant and ideally stress-free environment.

Furthermore for employees we offer good working conditions, nice salary and benefits, all open for discussion. Since most of our customers will be Dutch, you’d probably also be learning either the Dutch or English language. Part of our goal is to be happy and since we are also developers ourselves, you should feel at home right away.


Do you want to be a happy programmer?

Python/ExtJS Developer

We are looking for an experienced developer in Alicante that can or would be able to program in Pythona and ExtJS. Furthermore, knowledge of shell scripting, Makefiles, system administration would be a plus. The customer is an international private cloud hosting company, so ideally you already have some knowledge of network devices, VMware, storage platforms and other virtualization solutions.

If you feel this right up your alley, don't hesitate to send your email including your resume/CV to: jobs@wereagile.com.

Full-stack PHP or Magento Developer

Plenty of work for PHP or Magento developers. If you are in Alicante and you have already been programming in PHP for quite some years (both backend as well as frontend), we would like to get to know you. Moreover, if you are interested in getting Magento certified, you should really come and talk to us. Experience in Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Zend and other mature frameworks is also very welcome.

If the above sounds good to you, send your email including your resume/CV to: jobs@wereagile.com.


Contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.